Just so ya know…..

I *SUCK* at blogging my stuff lol. I type messages all day in Second Life I just don’t want to type anymore than I have too when I log out. I’m sure its not very good for my business if you aren’t in one of the groups I post in. BUT I have been uploading photos of my new items on to Flickr. So if you click on this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/dragonia/ you can stay current will all my new items!!

Have a wonderful Spring equinox!


Hooray for Fairies!

Fairy Crossing Sign Ad

New item from Dragon Magick Wares, a cute fairy crossing sign that has a sweet animated fairy! Here is a link to the marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dragon-Magick-Wares-Fairy-Crossing-Sign/4917219

Visit Dragon Magick Wares in-world to rez a demo and on the Marketplace for easy gift giving.

Fantasy Faire 2013 has arrived!


Gypsy Wagon Ad gypsywagon3 gypsywagon2 petitegypsywagon3 Petite Gypsy Wagon Ad Elven Pavilion Ad elvenpavilion4 elvenpavilion3 elvenpavilion2 elvenpavilion1 Fractal Dreams Skybox Ad fractaldreamsskybox2 fractaldreamsskybox1 Petite Fractal Dreams Skybox Ad Petite Clock House Ad petiteclockhouse2 petiteclockhouse1 Petite Shroom Tower Ad

This is my 2nd year as a featured creator at Fantasy Faire, a Relay For Life event!!! These items are now at Fantasy Faire 2013 from April 20 – 28 2013. The Gypsy Wagons (full size and petite version) are on display at Fantasy Faire and the other items are on a demo platform set up at my in-world store. After the faire is over items will be placed in the demo rezzer and available for purchase at the in-world store and on the Marketplace.

Visit Dragon Magick Wares in-world to rez a demo and on the Marketplace for easy gift giving.

I’m no good at blogging!

Its been a while since I’ve blogged but life has been very busy and most of you guys read about my items on the Marketplace. So the next post or more I’m going to post pictures of my items and if you want to know more about them you can check out the Marketplace or visit my store in-world.  So sit back and let the pictures tell the words *smiles*

Whimsy Cottage Ad whimsycottage3 whimsycottage2 whimsycottage1

Cozy Cottage Ad cozycottage2 cozycottage1

Dark Cottage Addarkcottage1darkcottage2

Visit Dragon Magick Wares in-world to rez a demo and on the Marketplace for easy gift giving.

Petite Winter Tree Cottage & Solstice Cottage

Petite Winter Tree Cottage Adpetitewintertreecottage3 petitewintertreecottage2 petitewintertreecottage1

So cute and ready to move in!!! This grand fantasy tree, has a fenced deck with a 5×5 petite cottage with blinking Christmas lights all around. Overall footprint is 12×15 so it will fit on small lots. Because it is modifiable, you can remove the Christmas lights and use the tree house all year round.

Solstice Cottage Adsolsticecottage1solsticecottage4 solsticecottage3

A darling cottage to call home with 2 rooms divided by wooden shutters. Footprint about 12×17. Twinkling mesh Christmas lights all around the outside. Mesh wreaths with twinkling lights,  snowy windows and a fireplace. Since this is a modifiable house you can take the Christmas lights off and use it all year round. *Furniture and Christmas tree not included.*

Visit Dragon Magick Wares in-world to rez a demo and on the Marketplace for easy gift giving.
Happy Holidays,

Twisted Krissmuss 2012

Forgotten House Dark AdforgottenhouseD1forgottenhouseD2Forgotten House Light AdforgottenhouseL2 forgottenhouseL1

If you don’t know what Twisted Krissmuss is all about, listen up! In a nut shell its a bunch of great designers that get together and offer GREAT items for only $100 L and they are all transferable for gift giving! Twisted Krissmuss runs from December 7th until January 4th. I made these 2 houses and everything you see is included. 2 colors to choose from, white or black. Both have sculpted rugs, wood stoves, 2 floors, mesh curtains and teleports. Footprint is 15×16 so its great for smaller lots, only 43 prims and $100 L!

Snowy Platform Ad

Matching platform I made for the house in case you want to have winter up in the sky and its only $100 L.

Visit Dragon Magick Wares in-world to see them out on display. These items will not be on the marketplace until after the event is over.